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Emails sit in Outlook outbox for no reason

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We have a user who has a new Windows 7 32bit machine desktop running Outlook 2010 v14.0.6112.5000.  When he sends a new email no matter where it is going or what the content it sits in his outbox for a long period of time.  Send/Receive doesnt seem to force it to go it just appears to catch up after a period of time.  I have recreated his oulook profile several times but still get this issue.  We have change the network cable, checked all the network settings, latency is under 20ms to the exchange 2003 server.  This is the only user at the office having the issue so we cant see why it is affecting only him.  Nothing is showing  in the event logs to help point us in the right direction.  When it sits in the outbox outlook often shows not responding and wont let you use it until it comes back to life.  Right click on the icon with ctrl and connection settings shows its connected okay without failures via tcp.  when it hangs we can still browse LAN shares without an issue.  Firewall is turned off on the machine and we have tried stopping the Antivirus services.  Running out of ideas so has anyone any suggestions?

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The following are some common reasons why new messages that you send never leave the Outbox in Microsoft Outlook:

1-If you use offline folders or Remote Mail, you must use different commands to send and receive messages.
2-If you open a message in the Outbox, or edit it and then save changes, the message is not sent. Open the message, and then click Send. Messages waiting to be sent are formatted in italic in the Outbox.
3-You might have specified that messages not be sent until the next send/receive. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Setup tab. Select the Send immediately when connected check box so that a message is sent when you click Send in the message. 4-If you connect by using a LAN (LAN: A computer network technology designed to connect computers separated by a short distance. A local area network (LAN) can be connected to the Internet and can also be configured as an intranet.), messages are sent in the background. If you use a dial-up networking connection, Outlook tries to connect to the server (server: On a local area network, a computer that controls access to all or part of the network and its resources, such as printers. On the World Wide Web, a computer running Web server software that responds to HTTP protocol requests. Also called a host.) after you click Send in a message.
5-If you are using Cached Exchange Mode, you might have chosen to work offline and have no send/receive group settings configured to periodically connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server. If you are working offline, the status bar will display Offline. To return all accounts in the profile online, on the File menu, click Work Offline . To only reconnect the Exchange Server e-mail account, on the File menu, click Connect to Microsoft Exchange Server


Have you tried running a different user's mailbox on that machine OR the affected user's mailbox on another machine so you can pinpoint whether it is a broken machine/connection OR a broken mailbox/user/permissions?


Hi kinecsys,
I havent tried that yet but will do now to help troubleshoot the issue.

Hi  nsonbaty,
They dont use offline folders or remote mail so this isnt applicable.

The user isnt editing messages in outbox or sent items and clicking save.  I have tested creating new email to my email address, click send and it sits there for 15-20mins or more in italics waiting to be sent.

I have already checked the tickbox for send immediately when connected and put the send/receive timer down from 30mins to 1min to try and help the issue.

Outlook at the bottom right showed connect to exchange so isnt in offline mode.
Thanks for your ideas though.
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Check SP1 is installed

There are known issues with emaill remaining in outbox


SP1 is installed yes.  I redownloaded it from that link but it refuses to reinstall as its already there.  I can also see it listed in the updates history for windows update.

Is Outlook in cached mode? If so, it is possible you have a corrupt OST file. Close Outlook and delete the OST file. Launch Outlook and the OST file will rebuild.



We rebuilt OST file and it solved the issue.  We cant understand why the OST file keeps getting corrupt.  Any ideas welcome?