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My friend is planning to take a career shift from .Net Software Engineer to Architect having 5 years of development experiece in microsoft

What will be things that he need to prepare and take action for ?

Experienced experts please advice
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

Architect as in designing houses .... ?


No... Software Architech
LOL, you're just being funny, aren't you Andy?

The way I understand it, it is not much of a "shift", but more of an "upgrade". It's typically those who have been Engineers for a long time and have climbed high in the pertinent certification trees, hence proving their knowledge and experience to be top tier project leaders in Software Development, calling most of the shots and designing the major details of the structure of the applications developed by their team.

So to answer the question of how he should prepare for it, I would say 5 years is not considered enough experience by most employers large enough to have such position as a "Software Architect". To make up for that relatively short experience, he would probably need a post grad degree in Computer Science and a phenomenal portfolio that clearly shows his influence in the projects he has completed.
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

>>LOL, you're just being funny, aren't you Andy?

Only half - there are some wierd questions asked at times.  Saves wasting time to know precisely.


OK , he has a computer engineering degree and 5 years of microsoft development experience in three MNC.Almost 15-20 projects completed already.

i just want to know, how he can prepare, i know that 5 years not enough to be an architech, but he can prepare early for being an architect as soon as possible.

Any advices from experience, links or references appreciated.
Chief Technology Ninja
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Hi PeteEngineer,

 - He might not need a degree as such but yes experience is something that is required.
 - Also doesn't matter how many number of years you spend, what matters is how you spend them. With a very limited experienced I have, I made so called Architects cry ... so skills matter a lot.
 - Exceptional communication skills are required - reading, listening. writing/articulating and ability to understand what is not being said and why
 - Passion for computing is also MUST HAVE, being an architect is a very demanding job - again for those who are really qualified, not just 'cause they spent 20 years surviving in the industry.
Also levels of Architect are different, with small to mid size engagements I have played a role of solution architect[by god's grace I could do the job] but on a large scale I will be very very careful as a very little mistake from my side can be easily a disaster of the decade.

This is just .. a beginning of the list .. in my eyes.. an Architect is "almost" flawless knight in the world of computing.


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