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Hi All,

an extremely basic question, but I am new to joomla and can't find any docs on it for some reason.

Basically I am trying to create a new theme for Joomla.

I want to reference in the mod_login module into the front page (so user are presented a login).

I have copied the default.php file from


as per the joomla wiki.

However, how do I then go about referencing it in my theme please.

Thanks in advance,

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That approach is a misunderstanding of how Joomla works, UNLESS you are specifically modifying the login module to look differently than the default.

Instead you want generic placeholders; then assign a login to a module position.

If you reassign the default template to your installation, you can see this in action by going to extensions, module manager, mod_login and assigning the module to a position.
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If you are creating a new theme you need to create your position in the templatedetails.xml
lets call it login


Next you need to reference your position in your index.php file for your template

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="login" style="xhtml" />

Then in the administrator side of joomla you need to go to modules and publish the login as well as assign it to the position login.

Hope this helps

Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTD

Once you create custom over rides of joomla in your html folder in template these will automatically override the default core.

So if you want to adjust the style do it in a css in the html and if you want to adjust the actual code do it to the default.php files

Hope that helps

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Many thanks for the help.

OK I now have the login form displaying in the position (sorry it seems quite obvious now :S ).

However I do want to modify the login forms html to effectively, rename the User Name label to Email (I have a module to allow me to use the email as the username).

I also want to remove some links, etc. So as I have a copy of the default.php in a mod_login folder in my themes html folder I can simply modify this and it will automatically be used? or do I have to tell joomlas backend about it in anyway?

Finally, I am also looking at creating a modified registration form for signing up to the site. However I am unsure how I go about this as there doesnt appear to be a module for it? Any ideas with this?

thanks again for the reply.

Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTD

You can rwname the fields via the joomla language file or by hand codi g the titles  
in via the method above with the default page

also look at mod_login as well

for advanced login look at

Community builder or joom social which have very advanced registration as well as user handling

hope that helps



Thanks for that.

I'll open up another question on the rtegistration form as I have a few more questions.


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