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multiple users login in win7?

hassanayoub85 used Ask the Experts™
In WinServer2008R2, different users can login to the system with different usernames, and all works together in the same time.
In Win7, if a user is logged in and another user tried to login, the previous users logged out.
How can I allow multiple users login in win7?
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You can't. As Windows 7 is a desktop OS you are limited to one active login at a time. To do what you want you need a Server OS, or an alternative like Linux, where you don't have such limitations.

You can install third party software to get around this but as Rindi says not by default http://www.thinstuff.com/products/xpvs-server/

By default, Windows 7 doesn’t support multiple Remote Desktop sessions.  
However, you may make it work by using some third party methods. Just go through these urls



You have to do this on your own risk.


I am not asking about remote desktop, but physical access.
I want to be able to add multiple screens and multople input devices then me, my wife, my children can workall together onn the same machine, but each one do what he want.
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As I mentioned, M$ Desktop OS's don't support this, it would be against their "EULA". You need Server OS's for this (and the additional Licenses), or as mentioned above, 3rd party software and hardware so you can attach multiple keyboards, mice and Displays for the different sessions, and all that will probably be more expensive than getting separate PC's for your family members.
Sigurdur HaraldssonSystem Administrator

I think you're referring to Fast Iser Switching. Log both users to the computer. Then follow this: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Switch-users-without-logging-off