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I am planning to build an  e-commerce website as am not a programmer  , I need to give my requirements and design to the programming team

1.      How do I make a blue print for my website
2.      What are the things in need to enquire before giving the project to the programming team
3.      They are doing it using Cake PHP.
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If your programming team is also a design team then you should be able to draw pictures / scribbles / etc. and explain what you want.  A word document with your requirements and needs for the site would be helpful.  Basically tell them what you want and let them do a design (look and feel) that meets your needs.

You should have a good grasp of the products you want to sell as well as the attributes (size, color, material, etc.) of the products so that they can build a proper product catalog.

If your team is not a design team then either you or a hired designer will need to do the layout of the site, color schemes, logos, pictures, navigation, etc.

The more you know about what you want, the quicker it will be to get a good site.
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A common tool for something like this is called a "wireframe."  This article captures the information pretty well.

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