3d Development for flash and ios

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Hi Experts,

I am looking to get a flash application built using a 3d plugin...

But I also want to build a 3d based iphone app...

Importing external data i.e. xml, mysql, embed video...

Can someone please help suggest a way forward? that may also shorten development time if there can be some synergy between the two?

Many Thanks in advance
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Adobe has a 3D api called Stage3d - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/stage3d.html

Adobe Flash is capable of cross compiling iOS apps and web content. That is, from a single source Flash file, you can create an iOS app, and a Flash swf. You can also create Android apps, and Blackberry playbook apps from the same source if you tweak the publish settings, as well.

You need a competent actionscript 3 developer who has Flash Professional 5.5, and obviously it would make good sense to ask to see his / her portfolio, particularly stressing the need to see the same content running on the web, and as an iOS app, to show that the developer has competence in the area of cross compiling for different platforms.
are you wanting this to just be browser-based or can this be a an Native app as well.  And when I say native, I mean an app that used AIR on a device.



Ideal - many thanks

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