Microsoft Server 2008 SBS Standard Licens

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Is it possible for the same licens key to be activated on 2 differents servers?
And how can I se want licens key is installed on a server?
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Legally its not allowed but technically you can install and activate the same serial on two Pc's.

To get the license key download the following software from here:
It is legally not allowed as mentioned by Hafeezmca post but possible depending on what type of OS (eg: OEM, Retail, Volume etc).

OEM will only allow 3 activations before you have to contact Microsoft. They will check the OEM against the hardware.

Retail is less restricted and Volume you can install this on as many as you want but for legal reasons you must have license documents to prove you have purchased the number of licenses you have installed.

Another thing you should be aware of:  If you are adding another SBS server to your network you should be aware that you are only allowed 1 SBS server on your network at any one time. If you are using it on a different network then this is not something you need to worry about.



Thank you for your answers.
I know it is not legall to have activated the same licens key twice.

But we have an idea about an old employed have used one of our licens key
an other place.

Is there some way to check if the same licens key is used more than one time?
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You cannot check if the key has been used more than once but if you believe an employee wrongfully used your license key you are best to check with Microsoft. It is a criminal offence and they are very aggressive in resolving such cases.  I am sure they would be willing to assist.  The information for reporting is on the following site:

It is advantageous to resolve now as if your server failed and you had to re-install it is very possible your activation would fail.  At east if you have reported it and they have your request on file, I am sure they would be quick to assist.

To answer the initial request, yes it is very possible to activate multiple times in many scenarios, I won't go into the details as we are not allowed to discuss on EE conditions that will assist with licensing workarounds.

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