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Creating a local user in a dell PCM6220 and Cisco 3500 series switches

Crazycrux used Ask the Experts™
I want to create a local user with enable privileges in my dell and cisco switches. Can you please provide me the syntax for it.

Currently my switches are running in radius auth. so how can i check the local account.
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For cisco

(config t)#username yourusername privilege 15 password 0 usernamepassword

For Dell here are a few commands

#show users accounts.

Use the username command in Global Configuration mode to add a new user to the local users database. To remove a user name use the no form of this command.
username name password password [level level] [encrypted]
no username name
• name — The name of the user. (Range: 1-20 characters)
• password — The authentication password for the user. (Range: 8-64 characters. This value can
be 0 [zero] if the no passwords min-length command has been executed.)
• level — The user level. Level 0 can be assigned by a level 15 user to another user to suspend that user’s access. (Range: 0-15)
• encrypted — Encrypted password entered, copied from another switch configuration.

One thing you should be aware of:
If you are using radius auth you won't be able to login via local user, unless your radius server is unreachable, and you configure local database as last resort for authentication.

To create users:
CISCO: username <name> password 0 <password>
DELL:  username <name> password <password>

To check local account reconfigure 'aaa authentication' to:
cisco(config)# aaa authentication login default local
To see local accounts use:
cisco# show run | include username

dell(config)# aaa authentication login default local enable none
To see local accounts use:
dell# show users accounts