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I have a windows 2003 64bit server that is used as a file share. Each user has a shared drive on their machine and each user has different permissions to each folder.  One user has full rights to a folder but cannot rename or delete a file.  They can copy the file to a different location but cannot move it.  I've rechecked the permissions several times but can't find anything wrong.  I have another user who has full rights to the same folder and has no problems.  

Any ideas I can check on?

Thank you.
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have you checked the individual files to make sure the rights propagated down the directory structure?
It sounds like the NTFS permissions on the files themselves may not be the same as the permissions on their containing folder.

For example, User A may have Full Control permissions to the folder "C:\Foo", but if she only has Read permissions on "C:\Foo\Bar.doc" then those more restrictive permissions will take precedence.

If the NTFS permissions are supposed to be consistent throughout the folder and all its subfolders/files, one thing you could do is make sure the permissions are correct on the folder in question, and then click "Advanced" and look for the checkbox "Replace permissions entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects" (see attached image, Figure 1).  After checking that box, click OK or Apply and the changes will be applied.  Use appropriate caution with this, it's powerful and cannot be undone.

If all the NTFS permissions appear to be in good order and problems persist, remember that there are another set of permissions affecting shared files/folders, not under the Security tab but under the Sharing tab (see attached image, Figure 2).  If the Sharing permissions are more restrictive than the Security permissions, the more restrictive permissions will take precedence.

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