Crystal date formula needed to get Last year to last full month

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Database field:  invoicedate  
Format: mm/dd/yyyy

Formula 1:
 Need formula to allow me to get last year to last full month.
For example if today is 4/13/2012 it need to put the following:

{oeeh.invoicedt} in Date (2011, 01, 01) to Date (2012, 03, 31)

Note: This formula will be used in a running total select area
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Try this

{oeeh.invoicedt} in Date (Year(CurrentDate)-1, 01, 01) to Date (Year(CurrentDate)-1, Month(CurrentDate),0)


{oeeh.invoicedt} in Date (Year(CurrentDate)-1, 01, 01) to DateSerial (Year(CurrentDate)-1, Month(CurrentDate),0)



so today is 4/19/2012 the second forumual you sent will pull

1/1/2011 - 3/31/2011

The last part of the formula appears to be using the current month and not the last full month
{oeeh.invoicedt} >= DateSerial (Year(CurrentDate)-1, 1, 1)  and {oeeh.invoicedt} < DateSerial (Year(CurrentDate), Month(CurrentDate),1)
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the formula is pulling everything through 2012 instead of just 2011

it is pulling 1/1/2011 - 3/30/2012 instead of 1/1/2011-3/30/2011


i think I have it working now. Thank you for you help. Do you know of a good cheat sheet I could get for all of these diffrent date formulas and functions?
The example you gave was... ..

{oeeh.invoicedt} in Date (2011, 01, 01) to Date (2012, 03, 31)

The replies just generalised that example to allow for changing years and months.

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