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Currently my company uses sharepoint 2007 and was created using sharepoint designer.  We have a form on it for purchases that was created in infopath.
On this form we have a group called the requester, which is the user that signs into sharepoint and goes to the purchase request site and a drop down box called status, which has the status either being pending, processing, or complete.  I want to set it up so when the purchaser selects complete it emails the requester.  Does anyone know how I can do this?
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There's a couple of no-code ways to achieve this that come straight to mind.

Easiest to explain but slightly more complex is just to do a custom Workflow using SharePoint Designer that fires when the item changes. It can check the field value and email a person, in this case The Requester.

Easier than that, is Alerts which you can set on Lists. They email a person when something changes. Most users have seen alerts can be set "when anything changes". The trick is you need to be a little more selective. You can set alerts on specific Views.

What you'd do is create a custom view that had a filter only showing rows where items have the status "Complete". Create an alert on the list and at the bottom of the alerts config page choose the custom View you just created, and to email when anything changes.

The Alerts method is simpler, but you have to setup the email recipient up front, so if you need to dynamically choose different Requesters, it will need to be the custom workflow above.

  As the data is stored in a list once the form is submitted via infopath, the easiest solutions would be to create a workflow using sharepoint designer 2007.
You can add an action and condition in the workflow.
In condition field specify the field and value pair.
In action choose Send email and then the receipients with the body template.


I am trying the workflow, but when I choose send an email, it only gives me the ability to manually specify the email address, not specify the requestor
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in the workflow, identify the current item's creator; that is your requestor (it must be a user in AD, identified by its' SID not a name from a dropdown)... hope it helps

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