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Hi Was after some advice

we have an Building that has 2 Floors its quite large in size and we would like Wireless Coverage Throughout we have various Network Points througout the building and so are looking for Some Good Access Points that could provide the coverage.

Also how will it work if the user wanders around the building with a laptop i would like them just to switch to the best AP giving the strongets Signal.

And is it possible to have the Same SSID and passwords etc so it appears as just 1 Wirless Network.?

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Windows can handle the switching of connections based on wireless signal on its own. You're right, simply make the SSID the same throughout and you should be fine.
You can use netgear N or N+ series access points whereever the signal is less.
Yes you can configure it to have same password for all the accesspoint which can be as your main router password.
Its easy to configure them as well.
In case if the user roams from one place to another they will have a disruption for a few seconds in case if the profiles are saved.
I frequently do multiple floor buildings for people and to provide good roaming with a handheld device, I set up the main router at the ISP connection, then use the same SSID, security, and passwords on the additional access points.  On those access points, I generally use a wired connection from the primary router (plugged into the WAN port on the AP), set it to obtain its address automatically from the primary router,  and then set the wireless on the AP also to get the IP addresses for connected devices from the primary router's wireless IP pool.  That basically makes it an AP for the primary router.

Note that when I do this, I wire the access points.  Some people don't want them wired, which introduces an entirely different set of problems.  If you don't wire the access points, then they become repeaters (wireless extenders), and their placement becomes more problematic.  You didn't mention whether the APs will be wired or not.  If they are wired (such as when a building is pre-wired), then you can use this method.  Also, you'll want to place them so that they have the best coverage and make sure that overlapping signals are on different channels (1,6,11) for b/g.  You can use open source signal mappers to do this and make sure you don't have any dead spots.

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