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Okay, I want to make sure that I do this correctly.  I have a VM and about 3 days ago created a snapshot for testing purposes.  We were having a problem with Veeam backups and they were indicating it might be a problem with creating the snapshot.  Veeam was able to discover the problem with a VSS provider and now the backup is working.

So what to do with the snapshot.  My thought is that I just delete it, but very early on I tried this and deleted the snapshot and the server died.  It happened to be the exchange server and we had to completely rebuild.  So I am a little nervous.

So have I got this right or backwards.

If I create a snapshot that is in place for a week and i want to make it go away (update worked fine, testing was fine, etc.  ) I click the button that says "Delete".  Server is fine and we go our happy way with any changes that have been made in the last several days still intact.

If I create a snapshot and the server isn't fine, I click the button that says "Go To" and I am right back to where I started and I lose any changes that were made in the last several days.
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That is corret, Delete MERGES the changes and committs to disk, depending on how large the snapshot, how many days its been left running on the snapshot, can take minutes, hours or days to complete the process, may stay at95% for hours, look as if its hung, but Ive wait 3 days for a merge!

Just Be Patient, and do not leave a VM running on a snapshot for long!


Excellent as always!

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