Juniper Netscreen SSG-20 with Dual ADSL PIMs

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Please can someone provide a setup example (step by step) for setting up a 2nd ADSL PIM on an SSG-20 device.

The first ADSL Pim has been working fine for several years but the client now wants a second ADSL for a business to business VPN where the vpn connects to a server on the local LAN.

ie first ADSL gateway and all PCs + servers on the 192.168.16.x subnet

The second ADSL Pim is fitted and connected to the internet but so far has no LAN interface. How do I set this?

Thanks in advance.
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Do you have two mini pvis for adsl connection?

Make sure you check with your provider and have all requisite information to reset abolish the functionality if needed.

You would need to configure your second adsl adapter to operate in badging mode, you then use one of the ssg20 network interfaces and configure It as an untrusted interface, configure pppoe on it.
Imran SaeedIT Technical Director
Please read this article.

Dual ISPs with a netscreen SSG-20

I spoke to Juniper in the end. Who showed me that the second ADSL sits lower in the routing table and therefore all traffic from the LAN will go through ADSL1. If ADSL1 goes down then it will automatically route through ADSL2. However if the DSL connection is fine but my ISP goes offline then traffic will not route through ADSL2 because it will effectively think that the route through ADSL1 is still active. So you must the implement IP tracking on ADSL1. This causes the SSG to regularly ping a specific IP eg If it cant ping then it takes ADSL1 offline and will then route through ADSL2.
Imran SaeedIT Technical Director

Thanks Winfix1 for reporting back. It does make sense as Juniper treats ADSL2 connection as backup and not for load sharing/balancing or separating traffic.


My solution was the actual solution.

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