How do I restore my Google Chrome Home Page

Michael Murphy
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I have been using Google Chrome for several months, and find it good. However suddenly, on the two computers I use, the Home Screen has been replaced by another, complicated screen.
How do I correct this, and restore the original screen.

I am sending you screenshots of both screens -  the complicated new one I want to get rid of (Screenshot 1) and the old one I want to restore Screenshot 2
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Chrome Options
Personal Stuff
Reset to default theme button at the bottom

The new complicated screen is the google speed dial screen which contains the last few visited webpages. The one which you used earlier is the default view.

You can disable this from Tools->Extensions and speed dial.
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I couldnt open the screenshot lol


1. jerseysam: How do I access 'personal stuff' , 'theme'?
All I see is the 'Wrench Bar' top right of screen, and dont see these options there.

2. Also I followed the link: Again, clicking on the 'Wrench bar' I do not see an OPTIONS menu - or one which contains BASIC (There is a Settings Menu.... and a Tools Menu.... but not Options)

3. Warturtle: I have found the Tools - Extensions options, but cannot see Speed Dial ....


also I can open both Screenshots!
Sorry, speed dial was in Opera. I got a bit confused.

This feature is called as New Tab page in Chrome. This will appear when you don't have a default webpage to start browser with.

So click on Wrench (Tools) -> Options -> Basic -> Home Page -> click on open this page and then put or any other website that you want it to open. Save and exit.

Then restart chrome and see the magic!
Yes Wrench is tools sorry

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