Cannot Access my Laptop Hard Drive

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Hi All.
I have a Dell Laptop and when i boot up it has JUST A BLACK SCREEN and can see nothing but the Mouse Cursor.
I have tried to start it in Safe Mode but it wont boot up - it stops at same place each time.
Tried last known good configuration Menu but did not start either.

I took out the Hard Drive as i want to remove data from it but still cannot access the Partition that i need. It keeps saying that G:\is not accessible. Access is denied.
I can access the recovery partition all right.
I have taken ownership of the Drive but it still wont let me access it.

 i just need the data thats on the Drive - otherwise i could format it and recover from recovery partition.

Any help appreciated

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Plug the drive into another compunter as an external or secondary drive.

Run fill dskchk and repair on the drive.

Also scan drive for virus  / malware
Connect this harddrive as an external and run Recuva to search for any possible data within the drive:
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Seems corrupt file system. Or were you using any kind of encrypting software on this machine?
If not then put the drive back into Dell laptop, download this free tool
Make a boot CD of this file (simply double click on the downloaded file and it will burn itself to CD).
Boot the Dell machine from this CD - Select Normal Mode - there find File Transfer Wizard.
Try to browse the partitions on the drive. Does it get to your system partition?
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>>  Access is denied.   <<  then you need to take ownership :
personally, boot from a Knoppix live cd, and do not have these problems then :
Put the drive back in the Dell. Boot from a live linux cd and mout the drive and ger off your data. You will probably have to reformat the drive.


Thanks Guys - warturtle
I ran the Recuva option and it can see all the Folders but they are locked.
Tried to drag to desktop but said i have no access..
Will recuva only find deleted files??
Regards m
noxchoIT Product Manager
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Try the boot CD. Recuva is for deleted files mostly. And if you boot from third party CD then it must not have same limits like Recuva.
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i understood recuva is a good , free recovery program - not only for deleted files ??
did you try to take ownership yet, or copy the data when booted from a live cd?


I have Taken Ownership, but the prob is the same..
I created boot cd paragon software and booted in to system and am now copying files on to external Hard Drive .
Awaiting outcome ..
Will let you know result..

Thanks guys
yes, recuva can undelete and also recover :), ok let us know how it goes.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 Support

Hey Mickymcie,

I am intereseted  in the solution as well, so putting my hat into the ring.

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<<<am now copying files on to external Hard Drive, Awaiting outcome>>>

Be sure to check the properties of the files you copied and ensure they open correctly with the application they were made with or for.  Ensure they are "complete".  In other words, not corrupted in any way, or just empty shells of the original.  I've seen, in situations like this, that pictures come out half there or documents fail to open and internal examination of them reveal they have been scrambled or otherwise compromised due to corruption of the original file system (that tells the drive where all the data has been placed) on the drive.

Test the original drive thoroughly with the original manufacturer's diagnostic software before trusting it again.


Thanks Guys For All the Feedback.
Yes the BOOT CD WORKED and extracted 46gb of data and Pics from the Drive(
I checked some of the data and it seemed fine  checked some of the Pics and they were sound also. Didnt have chance to check all but got the important data that i needed,

Thanks again for all your Help.




Thanks for the Help..


noxchoIT Product Manager
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Glad to hear I could help.

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