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asked on DataGridView more additional columns than expected being added in

Hi. I am using the following code to populate a bound DataGridView and then add in an additional CheckBox column but for some reason 3 extra CheckBox columns are being added. Thanks      

          Dim connection As New OleDbConnection(ConnectionString)
                Dim dataadapter As New OleDbDataAdapter(sSQL, connection)
                Dim ds As New DataSet()
                dataadapter.Fill(ds, "Outstanding_table")
                DataGridView_Unpaid_Invoices.DataSource = ds
                DataGridView_Unpaid_Invoices.DataMember = "Outstanding_table"

            Me.DataGridView_Unpaid_Invoices.Columns.Insert(0, New DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn)
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the code you are using has no faults, anyway use this property to avoid adding more columns
 DataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = false
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Hi. Thanks for the code but nothing seems to change with your code
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Right on! I  was calling the code from more than one event. Clearing the extra column at the beginning did the trick! Thanks for confirming that it works
ur welcome dude.. glad it worked