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sql variable issue when selecting in ('&')

Hello I am useind Toad for oracle and can not get past this variable pop up when selecting specific  files with '&' in them.
Where C.CLTR in ('SS&G')
Can anyone help.
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just run this before your statement
set scan off;
or you could use:
Where C.CLTR in ('SS\&%’ ESCAPE ‘\G')
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Thank you... tried both neither worked.
try by this

Where C.CLTR in ('SSamp;G')

Html encoding of & is amp;

when it goes to heml it will automatically decode it as &
Sorry that did not work either.... it should give me 16 accounts but it gave me 0
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There's probably some setting for this, but I've little success in having my SET commands recognized in TOAD.  I would ask, therefore, that you go into an old-fashioned SQL*Plus session, devoid of any GUI layering, and try your statement with smilitaru's answer.  If that doesn't work as advertised, reply and post your statement here.
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Thank you this finally worked