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Windows SBS 2011 Backup Failed

I recently configured the backup of our Windows Small Business Server Essentials 2011 machine.  Since then I have received the following error message each time the backup has attempted to run.

The scheduled backup did not finish successfully and returned the following error code: 2155348001 The shared protection point operation failed with error 0x81000101. View the event log for more information.
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This, I believe is a VSS writer error regarding exchange writer.  Open a cmd prompt and run a "vssadmin list writers"  check your exchange writer and see if its in failure state.  I ran into this error all the time and it's a bug with microsoft.  The only way i was able to get rid of this error and have successful backups was to seperate the exchange backup from the rest of the backup, have it run at a different time, completely seperate from  the rest of all the server.
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I finally had some time to get back to this issue.  I ran "vssadmin list writers" and the response indicated "no error" on everything that was returned.

Doing a bit of troubleshooting, I modified the backup to exclude the drive labeled as "ServerFolders".  I only included "System Backup" and "Operating System" which I assume to be drive C:.  The backup completed successfully.

So the issue seems to revolve around backing up the drive that contains "ServerFolders".  As I am not the one that built this SBS 2011 Essential box, I am not sure of what this drive is used for.  It got a "Company" and "User" directory and all the users in our domain have a folder under "Users" but everyones folder looks to be empty.  This drive only reports ~3GB of space used leaving ~460GB free.  Something on this drive is causing the volume shadow copy to fail thus causing the backup to fail.

Here is the error I get in Event Viewer.

The backup operation that started at '¿2012¿-¿06¿-¿14T13:28:34.930000000Z' has failed because the Volume Shadow Copy Service operation to create a shadow copy of the volumes being backed up failed with following error code '2155348001'. Please review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.

Based on information found about this issue, the previous event to this error is an indicator of the culprit process causing the backup to fail.  The previous log entry is

DFSRs (1732) \\.\C:\System Volume Information\DFSR\database_C6D4_1D3D_D41D_3163\dfsr.db: The database engine (6.01.7601.0000) started a new instance (0).

DFSR being "Distributed File System Replication"

Any ideas would be appreciated as to why this volume can not be backed up.
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@PaulD77 -- FYI, SBS 2011 Essentials does not include Exchange.

@maike9 -- What is the destination of the backup?  Is it an external drive?  Network Share?  Internal Drive?

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The drive is a ST2000DL003-9VT166 drive which based on google searches is an Advanced Format 4K sector drive.  So if this is correct, what you are saying is that windows backup on SBSE can not use this drive at all.  Is this built into the drive or is there something I can do to change this?
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@TechSoEasy - The destination of the backup is an ST2000DL003-9VT166 drive plugged in to an eSata drive bay on the top of the server enclosure.
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