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Outlook 2010 Auto Complete List - Nk2 file, import exchange 2003

Hello All,
Hope someone can help here,
I have a customer who just moved over to exchange, they had a 2003 server so we just installed exchange 2003 onto box.  This is working fine.

However, we imported pst files into new outlook profiles, and found that the auto compelte didnt come over onto any pc with outlook 2010 new exchange ost file.
I know the nk2 file is now held in the outlook.pst file outlook 2010.  Is there a way to extract the auto complete contacts from old pst file so can add to exchange? as dont seem to be in new exchange ost file.
So when create new email and enter email address fromprevious it doesnt appear.

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I'm going to guess that the users previously had workgroup, local accounts, and now have a domain, with domain accounts?

You need to copy the NK2 file on the client computer from the old local user profile path to the new domain user profile path.
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thanks for reply,
To summarise:
1:Firstly domain was in place.
2: Some of the client pcs were using outlook2010, which doesnt use a nk2 file but stores auto complete contacts in pst file.
3: we linked outlook to exchange, but the autocomplete contacts did not import.
4: unfortunatly i have no Nk2 file as outlook 2010 doesnt create them

Do you get me?
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Thanks thanks thanks :-)
Seemed to work, customer now hopefully will stop saying i deleted there contacts :-).

See below:


ok I found the solution (well seems to work for me running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 x64)

Close Outlook. If you have the old Stream_Autocomplete file the old mailbox used - copy it to:


There will already be a new Stream_Autocomplete file in there in use by the new account (if there isn't - open Outlook and start typing in the "To" field to create that file.Then close Outlook again).

Highlight the new file, hit F2 and copy the filename to the clipboard. Then delete that file. Highlight your old file, hit F2 and paste in the new filename.

Start Outlook.

That did the trick for me. All my old auto-completes now appear as soon as I start typing. Glad it's working but pretty annoyed it was this difficult to get working. The video on Microsoft's own website here: ( says Outlook 2010 includes autocomplete data in an exported PST file. Well I am running Outlook 2010 and my exported file absolutely did not include this data. I had to hunt round until I found the Stream_Autocomplete solution on another site: