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Selective email forwarding in Lotus Notes/Domino?


I'm sure there is a solution somewhere! Directors sometimes send confidential emails to each other.  Sometimes their email is set to auto forward to their secretary and obviously some emails are not to be viewed by secretaries.

Is it possible to set an auto-forward agent in a Lotus Notes mailbox to auto forward except when a particular group, eg 'Directors' is in the addressees?

We've looked at encrypted mail as a solution but encrypted email does not unencrypt on a remote Blackberry for the Directors when it should do.

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How are you forwarding at the moment, a simple agent or something more complicated - presumably you are, for instance, guarding against a message from Secretary being sent to Director and then forwarded back to Secretary... perhaps with her own Out of the Office message or auto-forward to complete the loop?

You could use Traveller instead of Blackberry going forward which gives them more choice of phone devices and allows access to encrypted messages.

Aside from checking the fields for the group name you could check some other agreed field, e.g. there is a "mark subject confidential" field which amongst other things completes the field "Classification" as "Confidential" and is as simple as a checkbox -- in a new message click on Display, additional mail info.

Check out mail rules, you can auto forward all mails that don't get sent to this person, that person and the other person.
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Good to see Blackberry does allow encryption then for so long!  Only customers of mine that still use Blackberry on domino are using (very) old versions and kit and unwilling to do anything about it.

As usual with Notes a million ways to do it depending upon whether you want it left to the user to tick a box to encrypt, prevent copying etc. or whether you want it to come through anyway and then restrict at the forwading stage.

Presumably these people just get a forward into their own mailbox and not access into the Director's email itself then?

if forwarded, yes.  If delegated, secretary gets access to Director mail file.  Depends on trust I guess.
If they are using servers from before 2006, they are very much out of support... <BRRR>  and missing out on tons of new features and possibilities, like DAOS and Traveler, XPages etc.
Yes, know all of that.  You try telling that to a place with Windows 2000 servers and clients, an AS400 (yes the room size stuff not iSeries etc.) ... trouble is as far as they are concerned it is working, license renewals weren't kept up so it needs investment in new servers, pc's, server OS and Notes licenses now which in current climate is unlikely.  Will keep reminding them mind!

Anyway back to the forwarding sorry!

oh well.  what version of the OS is the AS400 running anyway?  And what version of Domino?

Keep in mind that a lot of stuff was published in Redbooks which is excellent to use in this environment.  And: the fact that your client is still able to work with all this old gear is a testament to the ROI factor of Domino and Notes.  Simply great!

So old school solutions it is then.  Actually, apart from the encrypted emails on Blackberry it is all old skool anyway.  Stems from me being around Notes so long I guess...
Another possibility would be to use Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (free!)
It needs a current server, but the cost issue can be sidestepped by buying 1 (one) license for a Domino Express Collaboration user @ $165 see: part number D52VQLL  Keeping this license current would cost $43/year/user
That enables you to download the newest code and get cracking!  Might even prompt them to update...  Note that depending on the number of users, it might be cheaper to trade-up to express instead of reinstating the old licensing. Especially since with Express licensing, you can run ANY number of servers, it is a per user charge.  So the indeed costly Enterprise Server license fee becomes Zero!
larsberntrop - I wasn't the OP btw if you are pointing that my way?

oh well.  It's useful advice in any case.  There is no bad publicity...