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Sequence Check


I would like ot have a script that will check the sequence of events in a portal.
The numbers must always be consequtive Starting from 1 and followed by 2 , 3 ,4 etc .I would prefer not to set a limit to the number of sequence steps.
The portal is sorted by Event sequence and the user will need to change the order frequently so the script must reset and and alert if they have set as in the attached example..Number 4 , twice.Or better still that the system will not allow it.(The User assigns the Event sequence Number)
Look forward to any ideas on this.
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Will Loving
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Thank you for the advice and solution.I have been busy with other apsects of the application and set up the sequencing  of events today.It looks like it is working and may need a few monor adjustments to suit the exsisting data.