How Exchange 2010 Offline Address Book Fail-Over under DAG?

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We created DAG with two Exchange 2010 servers and also create Public Folder replication.
How can we make the offline address book high available if primary server is shutdown?

Thank you.
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OAB is published to Outlook 2007 and later clients through Web on the CAS role. OAB publishing via PF exists for legacy versions of Outlook, 2003 and earlier.

The OAB is generated by the MBX role, however. If the MBX role server that generates OAB goes down, you can move generation to a new MBX server by right clicking the OAB in question (Org Config, Mailbox, OAB tab), and choosing "Move."

If clients are accessing OAB through PF, and the server hosting the PF DB that their mailbox DB is pointed at goes down, they won't be able to read it (or any PFs). Each mailbox database has a tab for "Client Settings" where you can change the PF DB the maibox DB is pointed at.

Of course, if you only have one CAS role server, and that CAS goes down, OAB will be unavailable for newer Outlook clients until it comes back up. You'd need multiple CAS servers, which you could put together into a load balanced cluster with NLB or a hardware load balancer. Or not, your choice.

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