Screen Resolution and sizing/resizing forms.

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I have a number of forms which require a screen resolution of at least 1680 x 1050 in order to show all of the form elements.  I am looking for a POSSIBLE solution which would allow these forms to fit on lower resolution monitors.

Searching EE, I came across this thread:

However, this appears to have been developted for the old .mdb db format.

Does anyone know if this solution works in the new Access format, or if there is another solution?

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<I have a number of forms which require a screen resolution of at least 1680 x 1050>
There is no standard office application that "requires" this high a resolution.
(You can go higher if you simply want to see more info on the screen, but it is not "required")
So I am always curious when a member states that they have created an Access app that *must* use a super high resolution.

All a screen re sizer does is basically "re-displays" your app to the resolution it should have been anyway...

To be fair, ...these utilities have there place, but most the examples of apps that "need" super high resolutions were ones that could have been easily redesigned.

For example, as a developer you might have a really big Hi-res monitor, so to design stuff "you" can see, you need to make your text 20 points.
This means that someone on a 1024x768 monitor now "needs" a screen resizer...
When you could have designed the app at 1024X786 originally.

Or the developer is simply trying to display way too much info on their forms.

Again, all apps and all situations are different, but I have designed some fairly complex apps, and I have never needed anything more than 1280x1024.

Remember, the screen resizer only works in MS Access, it cannot resize other Office/Windows Dialog boxes. so while your "app" may be magically easier to read, the other windows/Offices dialog boxes may now be too small to read for some users.



Yes, this looks exactly like what I need.


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