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We have a network drive on NAS and another one on a Windows server 2008, which users use to sharing data. We also have a sharepoint portal. Can i map any of my network drive to sharepoint, so that users access these from sharepoint, but data physically sits on these network drive itself .
(I have mapped a sharepoint document library as a network drive, but this time need to map a networkdrive as a sharpoint list(or entity).

Please advise experts.
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I am using sharepoint 2010 and have done this as a link in the top link bar.  Under site settings, look and feel, top link bar....

first it has to be a network share everyone has permissions and access to.

I the "type Web address bar"  enter your share like this: "file:///\\servername\share name"

In the bar below that type the name you want to show for the link
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Just use the out of the box page viewer web part.  It can be used to display a network share.
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with the page viewer webpart ...

would features like meta data , versioning etc work ? no i guess
Also my site is accessible from internet , but the file share is not . Now if i access the sharepoint site through internet, will thwe webpart still work? (i assume it will work when i access the sharepoint site from with in office) .

can u pls advise.
Yes it will work from the internet.

The web part simply views the content of the file share.  You can't set SharePoint metadata on the files.
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Unfortunately it does not work from internet. URL for my sharepoint site is accesible from internet ,but the path used inside the pageviewer webpart is not resolvable from internet. Hence this webpart shows the fileserver folders only when accessed from within my office LAN .  
Is there any other free webpart other than

Codeplex: ... as this does not work on Sharepoint 2010!
Please advise.
All of the file server type web parts that I've come across must be purchased.  A company called Salamander has reasonably priced ones.
Set the Sharepoint search to crawl the file share. Then the users can search for content on the fileshare in sharepoint, and filter on metadata like author, date etc.