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Outlook 2010 sort by sender problem

My problem is this.
I have outlook 2010.  Emails are pop3 into a pst file.  I could before outlook 2010 sort, but now it is a problem.  It just sits searching. I can sort by date, but not by sender.

I have scanpst.exe the data file, created a new profile with new data file.  then imported all the old email.  Still this is a problem.  This makes me nuts.

Anyone else been through this and fixed it?

I have read as many posts on this that I can.  None of the answers work, and people on the posts say the answers do not work.  A lot of people are hoping for an fix to the problem that seems to be an outlook 2010 bug.
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I tried to load SP1 and if said It didn't apply.  This is so microsoft.  Yes I could create another empty file and keep all my old email in the other file.  But it makes it more complicated.  I just want it to work.  I feel punished again by Microsoft because I upgraded.

Any other Ideas please?
Also , my data file is only 1.3 G in size.
Did it say it did not apply


Did it say there are no products affected?

If you tried to install SP1 and it didnt apply, that would tend to tell me you eigther dont have Outlook/Office 2010 installed on the PC, or You have a Mixed Office suite

LIke Office 2007 with Outlook 2010

Or Office Home and Student 2010 with a Single Instance of Outlook 2010

If it said there are no products affected, check that you have downlaod the appropriate version

32 bit for 32bit system and 64bit for 64bit system

Otherwise its possible its already installed

In OUtlook can you go to:

On the right hand side, Under About Microsoft Outlook
Can you report back whats there?

Should be along the lines of: Version: 14.X.XXXX.XXXX (32-bit) or (64-bit)

Then follow the same step for word?

I had to go through a few more screens to find out I already have sp1 installed.
This never has been resolved, I am going to have to create another new pst.
Nothing against the Tech.  This forum is not what it used to be.  I can find the same answers on Google.  I come here to talk with like minded techs.  I have been a member for years, and it gets worst every year.   My last couple of questions I had to just give up, because either nobody would comment, or nobody had an answer.
"Nothing against the Tech. "

But then you give a C Grade?

"My last couple of questions I had to just give up, because either nobody would comment, or nobody had an answer"

Your question had participation the same day it was posted.

Okay, the response time may appear lengthy

However, need to keep in mind Experts on This Site are from ALL OVER THE WORLD

While you’re asleep at night some of us on the other side of the world are working, as well as volunteering our Time on E-E to help you

With that in mind you really need to allow more time for responses before closing a question with a C.

And Before giving anyone a C grade you need to give them the opportunity to improve the grade.

Now in reference to your Issue

If creating a new PST resolves the Issue, its clear that the original PST was Corrupt
SCAN PST is a tool that can "sometimes" fix a corrupt PST

However, its not guaranteed to always work

If creating a NEW PST and Importing the mail items back into your new pst, re-creates the problem

We know the issue is with one or more of the mail items

Now considering this you could manually move the mail items in blocks of 10-20 into the new PST, until you found the Mail Items Causing the Corruption

However, this could be quite cumbersome and is usually not worth the time depending on the amount of mail items you have

Is such cases, creating a New PST and simply using the old(corrupt) PST as an Non-Working Archive or Reference File is the way to go.

Now if you really bent on repairing your PST,  and scanpst wont repair the corruption

You could use a recovery product called advance outlook repair

But I’m guessing the specific issue with your PST is not worth $250.00

Especially if you can live with using the Suggestions above without spending a lot of money
The fact that I am answering this shows no understanding of my frustation at all.

Change his Grade to a A.  

I have been a paying member from 11/05.  I understand how the site works.  When I tell you there is a problem with how it is working, I tell you this wilth 7 years of experience.

Change his Grade to A , he already received his 500 points.
Sir, with all due respect.  I feel you are only seeing this from your Techs side, and EE.

I am finding most of the time, I have to find my own anwers.  I will spends days on  a question, and who has days to work on a problem.  A lot of the times I am asked to do something, that I already said was done.  The questions are not being read correctly, all techs are in a hurry to move to the next question, and get the grade.  EE was to be a tool that would help, but in the last few years I am finding my own way with little help.

Yes, I gave the grades and points in the past because I feel the tech tried even though he never got the answer.  This poor guy came in on the heels of my last question, that was ignored by everyone.  I just got fed up.

I understand you just want to focus only on your tech's grade.  I changed it to a A.

I have called EE many time to voice this, as well trying to voice it here.  There is a basic problem that is being over looked here, and I will be using less or stopping my use of EE altogether.  

Thanks for getting back to me.
Why are still bringing this up I changed his grade to an A over a week ago.  The fact that a week later you are still trying to change my mind on the grade shows you do not understand my frustration with the site.  

As far as " Request Attention" Link, look at my question before my last one.  How many days do I need to wait for a Moderator to look at why my question is not being looked at.  I waited days, not hours.  Made multiple phone calls to EE and was told I had to wait.

But you want to keep explaining why I was wrong and should never give anything but a Grade A.  It sure looks to like it is only about the grade.