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As part of my database, there are  rather detailed and complex medical records with a large number of data fields and graphical information, spread out over approximately 12 Forms.

Rather than struggle to fit all of this into a Report (though suggestions and advice in this area are more than welcome), I have been trying to devise some sort of automated method to simply print out, or assemble in a file (.pdf, etc), all of the clinical information on the Access Forms for a particular examination.  Adobe Acrobat offers some functionality as does the MS Snip Tool, but neither is what I would consider an automated process.

Perhaps a completely different approach than what I am considering, is more apropos?

Thanks for any help.
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A typical method of solving this is to create a new report that holds the current forms as subforms. The record source of report could be a query of the patient table or encounter table (whichever is has the information that unites all wanted forms). Setting Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields on the subforms, will automatically filter all subforms.

You can also size the subform controls to be much shorter than their displayed height so that the containing report is easier to manage. Try creating a blank report and going into design view. Click the Subform/Subreport button in the Controls section of the Report Design Tools->Design ribbon. Click in the detail section to place the control. If the Wizard starts, press cancel. You can move the subform control to the left edge, change the width to match the width of the report. Set the height to 0.5 inches. While this control is still unbound, you can make copies and place them down the detail section. When these twelve unbound containers are lined up you can select one, go to the Data tab of the Property sheet, and set the source object to the desired form. The full form will print in the report even though design view only shows a half-inch container (because the  subform control's CanGrow property is set to Yes by default.

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<a large number of data fields and graphical information, spread out over approximately 12 Forms.>
<Rather than struggle to fit all of this into a Report >
So you are trying to squeeze all 12 forms worth of data onto one report!?

What version of Access please?

AFAICT you can do this with a standard Access report (that can be converted to a "File") if need be.

(Remember we don't no any info on your db, other than what you posted...)

If one "examination" can have many pieces of "clinical information", then the Examination data and the Clinical Data will be in separate tables related on the ExamID.

You can then build your main/subform as Pete outlined above.

Then you can use the report wizard to create a "Grouped" report.
(This is one Report equivalent of a main/subform)

Then you can put a button on the form to "Just" create a report for this one exam.

Not sure why you might need this as a "file", but you can make code to display the report, then send it to a file.
Dim strReportName As String
strReportName = "ptEmployeeOrders"
    'View the report
    DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewPreview, , "EmployeeID=" & Me.EmployeeID
    'Send Report To a PDF
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, strReportName, acFormatPDF, "C:\YourFolder\Yourfile.pdf"

Basic Sample attached



I was really looking for an alternative to generating a report, but the advice given was helpful.

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