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I am almost ready to submit my scope of work to the programmers.  I have been looking at a lot of mods, on both BuddyPress and WordPress.

When I look at a few sites that are using WordPress (and BuddyPress), some say that you need to register on WordPress.org.  I wanted to make sure that if I install a WordPress on my server, people can register on my site and all of that information is just secured on my site and not WP.  

I am guessing that all the registration information will be done on my end and WordPress will not get access to it, but I just wanted to make sure.

The other issue - are WordPress plugins compatible with BuddyPress and vice-versa?  I was reading something on BuddyPress and it made it sound like BuddyPress had their own version of WordPress.

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It is absolutely not the case that you have to register at Wordpress.org to use self-hosted Wordpress. There is no truth to that.  

You (or the sites you were reading) might have conflated Wordpress.org with Wordpress.com.  Wordpress.com is hosted and managed Wordpress and does require registration to set up a new site.  There are also a couple of plugins from Automattic that require you to have a Wordpress.com account (like Jetpack) in order to use them but those only require an account from you, not your visitors.

As far as plugins go, the answer is yes and no, or more accurately, depends on the plugin.  BuddyPress isn't its own version of wordpress but rather a plugin that adds a ton of new functionality, specifically in the user capabilities area.  There are a few Wordpress plugins that will conflict with BuddyPress just as there are a few Wordpress plugins that will conflict with any other plugin.  Perils of a user-driven development community :)  BUt I would go out on a limb and guess that 90% or more of Wordpress plugins will work under BuddyPress.  

Plugins that are specifically designed for BuddyPress may not work on a site without BuddyPress running because the required filters and hooks will not be installed or active.  That being said, I've seen lots of BuddyPress plugins that will work without BuddyPress simply because the functionality provided is present in non-BuddyPress sites and the developer is smart enough to test to see BuddyPress is installed.


Thanks!  I thought a much but wanted verification before I submitted this.  It just seemed like everywhere I turned to, it wanted a wordpress.org login.  I know that a lot of people like WP but I just could not see everyone relying on such a login.
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It just seemed like everywhere I turned to, it wanted a wordpress.org login

Can you send me an example of that?  I'm curious to see who is trying to drive that and why.

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