Pivot Chart with a Scrolling bar

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I need to create a scrolling bar under the attached pivot chart.
The periods need to be from 1 to 50. Please provide a step by step process.
Thank you
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This is how it's done:


Let me know if you have any problems.
I did quite a bit of testing with this.  And was unable to get this to work for my 2010 Excel.  

I'd like to recommend instead of trying to alter the chart, to alter the pivot table.  You can use a scroll bar to change a cell value just like in the above example, but then I'd recommend using something like


To change the vba filter on your pivot table.  When I was testing this on my system, it automatically updated my chart based on those changes.  

Best of luck,



I am still  having problems with this. Can you please help me with the attached chart.

Thank you

Finally got this one sorted.  For some reason in my 2010 I'm not able to just click on the series line and edit the ranges there in the series formula.

I'm guessing this is the same problem you are having.  

The answer is that you need to go into the data set menu.  The "Select Data" on the chart ribbon.  There you can make all the required changes and everything works great!


I've attached a file showing how this is done.

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