Network Adapter ID and physical location

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Hi experts,

How do I know which physical interface on the back of my computer relates to which adapter listed in Windows (without having to unplug each one and note which one shows as disconnected).

For example, I have a server with 4 x Broadcom network adapters, which Windows shows as Broadcom NetExtreme II, NetExtreme II #2, NetExtreme II #3, NetExtreme II #4.

Logically I would expect the first NIC on the left at the back of my server to be number 1, and the next to be #2 and so on....can anyone confirm this?

Sounds like an obvious question but I can't find any info through googling and I want to be 100% sure this is how it works.

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I have wondered the same thing too with my R710. There doesn't seem a rhyme or reason to the naming used for these network adapters. Sometimes they are in an inverse order.

Before I stage a server, I will do the physical connection test and rename each adapter accordingly.

MGMT Port 1
MGMT Port 2
Port 1
Port 2
Port 3
Port 4
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100% sure means plugging into each port and identifying yourself, the good news is it really takes 1 minute...tops. Best to consider this part of server configuration at initial setup it's not something you can afford to not know prior to DNS setup etc and once you're administering the server later you'll be happy you labeled them.

I think the reason is the configuration at the build site, for example Dell or HP they don't have a set procedure while they configure the systems at this level. You're left with doing the analysis / config yourself.

Hope this helps.
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you have to determine that yourself when you plug in the physical adapters.

a good practice is to plug in the adapters from left to right based on the order of their MAC address, say ascendingly. the MAC address is normally printed on each NIC's circuit board. in this way, you may easily identify which adapter is for which slot from OS per their MAC information.

as mentioned above, further more, you may name each adapter in the OS with a meaningful  name.

hope it helps,
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you can also get the mac address by doing ipconfig /all

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