Folder redirection on a Server 2008 user profile for Terminal Services

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I have created a mandatory profile on Server 2008 for Terminal Server users. The first time they log on everything works fine (i.e. folder redirection etc). If they log off and log back on the folder redirection fails. If I then delete the local profile and attempt the log on again everything works again until the second login. If I give the user local administrator privileges the folder redirection then works again and on all subsequent logons until I remove the privileges. I have tried using group policy to delete cached profiles and to always wait for the remote profile etc but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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if reading right you have server and DC. In AD you changed folder redirection for TERMINAL USER?

Becouse the problem is looking like wrong user rights on profile folder. This is often problem if you have redirect data to folder with cascade rights from up folder.

there is important to use paths with dynamic string %USERNAME% because then system make folder for user and set him right access rights

this is perfect guide


Hi Jeremyno thanks for the link you posted I followed it from start to finished and it solved my problem. Don't really know why it fixed it but I don't really care. Thanks again!

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