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We have a SharePoint 2007 web part, which logs in and displays a users Outlook calendar information via webdav and OWA.

The default OWA URL of one of our users calendar has changed from


Within the standard Outlook client 2007 or 2010 the calendar is named correctly. It's just when accessing from OWA that the name has changed. This is then causing login problems for the web part.

I've logged onto the profile with MFCMAPI and have tried to change the URL back to the standard format (PR_URL_NAME, PR_URL_NAME_A) ANSI value. But it doesn't accept it.

I've still to try the following Outlook switch - outlook.exe /resetfoldernames

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to change the URL back to the standard format? Is it possible somewhere in IIS?

It's not possible to change the code in the web part to accept the changed value for the one user.  

Running Exchange 2003 SP2 server, 2003 domain.  

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It looks like this user may have deleted the default calendar folder, and had it recreated at some time in the past.  Anyway, it's not possible to change the url (at least, not in any way that I've ever heard).  However, the problem you have encountered is also experienced by users/admins who have to deal with non-English folder names.  So, it's possible that the more general (i.e. language and folder name independent) web part url in this form (below) will work for all your users.

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Calendar1 appears to be an additional or sub calendar of the users Mailbox

If this is a sub calendar or additional calendar the URL needs to be



Thanks for the replies. The change in the URL format works great if manually navigating via IE. However I need the standard format as noted above due to the SharePoint web part only accepting:


Unfortunately, I can't change how the web part uses the URL. See from the screenshot how only when accessing the user mailbox via OWA the calendar on the bottom left has been renamed to calendar1. When using MFCMAPI I can see the value for the URL has changed.

When I try to change calendar1 to calendar I get the attached message. It's odd as the main Outlook Calendar is present, it doesn't seem to be an additional calendar just the URL name has changed for OWA.
How are you creating the web part?  In SharePoint Designer?  I think it will allow you to enter the URL as something like
(i.e. leaving out the username part), instead of just the base server address.

Also, you might try deleting all calendar folders in the mailbox (archive them to pst first), then use outlook /resetfolders to recreate the default calendar.  Hopefully, this will also reset the folder URL generation.

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