Oracle 11r2 client Versus Oracle Dataprovider for .net(ODAC/ODP .net)

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I have .net application that connects to oracle database using oracle-dataprovider for .net(ODAC) Link -
In that link i have installed on my machine
ODAC 11.2 Release 4 ( with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio

I am able to run that application on my machine and it can connect to oracle database

Now, do i have to install that ODAC 11.2(Oracle dataprovider for .net)  on users's machines. My users have Oracle 11r2 client already installed  on their machines.  

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To use the full set of Oracle features, the client computer has to have Oracle client software (OCI) installed. If you do not want to install OCI, you can use Direct mode, in which ODAC communicates with Oracle server without intermediate libraries. In order to use the Direct mode, the operating system on the client computer must have TCP/IP protocol support installed


is Oracle client software (OCI)  the same as oracle 11r2 client on this link
I am sure my users donot have instantclient, they have client that is mentioned in the above link...

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