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C# WinForms: My DataGridView does not grow properly

I have a DataGridView that grows up to a point, as new rows are added. But then it stops growing and the new rows are added but not visible. There is no scroll bar, which is the primary problem.

I have on problem with the DataGridView growing up to a point where it grows no longer. But at that point I need a scroll to appear so the user can scroll down to see all those new rows added.

What property am I missing?

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DataGridView1.ScrollBars = ScrollBars.Both
or manually set the scrollbars property of the datagridview from the designer mode to "both"
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It was already set to Both.
check if columns property Frozen is set to True
Where do I find that property? I construct the columns in code, but use the Designer to set the properties of the DataGridView.
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I saw the AutoScroll property of the Form was false, so Ii set it to true.

My other problem is to get the DataGridView to understand what is it's containing object. I place it indie a Tab Control and it ignores that. I put in inside a Group Box and it ignores that as well. I will post that other question.

Below is the bigger problem: I can not get the DataGridView to appear anywhere near it's supposed to be, according to the Designer.'s-involved-in-using-tabs-on-a-WinForms-dialog.html?anchorAnswerId=37993046#a37993046