On_Click open form stops working in split form

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DoCmd.OpenForm on the on_click property of the id field of a split form stopped opening the record detail form.  Adding a command button to the form to open the detail form linked by the id form does open the detail form for the record.  What can stop the command from working on the on_click method of the id field while using the button wizard to create the same action works?
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conardb ,
(Assumption#1: stops working = user clicks button but form doesn't open, no error messages)

Open the first form in Design mode. Click the id control once. Press F4 to show the properties window if it isn't showing. On the Event tab, look for On Click. If that slot is blank, you may have written the proper code in the form's module, but the code is not "wired" to the event. Change the property to:
[Event Procedure]
with the dropdown or press the . . . button and choose Code Builder. That should take you to the code you wrote.

Alternatively, the menu item Debug->Compile will try to re-wire all form events.



Yes, user clicks button but form doesn't open and no error messages.  Alternatively, I removed and re-inserted the Id field and re-entered the code to open the form and it worked.  I did try to use a macro to troubleshoot.  The debug -> compile suggestion is helpful.

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