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I have a installed a VoIP system in the office running FreePBX 2.10, with each extension having its own DiD.

I need help with:

Extension 201 dials out to an external number who does not answer.
The external number sees that someone called and just calls back the number dialed.
The return call dials to another DiD which corresponds to extension 207.

I don't see anywhere in the config that overrides the CID of the outgoing calls.  

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This may be caused by your provider but you have a few things you can check. First make sure your extensions have their Outbound CID set properly. The format is "caller name" <#######". If placed here in three extension it should override the Outbound CallerID of theed trunk if the provider allows it. If you are using IAX, SIP or a PRI service, and the caller ID number is one that you own, the provider should allow the caller id to be set. Of you are using analog line or a T1/E1, the provider well probably not allow the caller id to be set.


I have found that i have a number defined on the Outbound Caller ID of the SIP trunk.
Do i need one there?

What is the Priority out the outbound caller ids?  I assume it is, in descending order:

1.  Extension   (i have it set on some extensions, but not all)
2.  Outbound Route (not set)
3.  Trunk (set to one of the DiD numbers)
You should have the correct order. There are some check boxes that can affect this order though such as the Never Override CallerID box on the trunk page. The Emergency Dialing box on the outbound route will select the Emergency CID from the extension if that route is chosen. The Intra Company Route box on the Outbound Route will also skip the Outbound CID of the extension when this is checked off.

One other thing to note if this still isn't working is that some providers have their own procedures for caller ID. Some will allow you to set the caller ID while some will use their own caller ID information. If after setting all of the above settings doesn't work, check with your provider. Some may allow you to set the Diversion header on the call to set the caller ID on outbound calls. This will greatly depend on what hardware your provider uses.
I don't see where the author has identified the type of trunks they are using.  Each type has different rules and options, Analog Trunks through a Channel bank of Digital adapter like the AEX-800 from Digium can not have the Caller ID specified so you have to do back flips to use the right trunk out bound to force the correct Caller ID.

 Most carrier providers of PRIs and T1s only let you set a Caller Id within the valid Block of numbers you have purchased for that connection.  

  While some (not All) SipConnect or IAX2 providers will let you send just about anything..

  Combine all of this with the Trunk Caller_id and CID option setting and Possibly the Override of the Extensions Caller_Id you get the caller id that is sent.

  Remember that Caller Name is always a function of the delivering carrier / media.


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