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I have a document which I use for a Mail Merge

I want to print a paragraph if  a value is negative

If it is not negative   I want the paragraph omitted.

how do I so this?
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You can have the value and the paragraph in the DATA SOURCE document and use an IF, THEN, ELSE field to determine whether this will be printed or not.

If you want post a small sample of the document and the data source used as well as the conditions for printing and what you want to achieve and I can send you a sample
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Here are some great simple examples of how this works


Attached is the paragraph I want, if the merge field is positive.

If it is negative, or blank, I want it omitted

Adn one further question - if I have two merger fields, can I do a calculation - so the document shows the total of field ABC and field DEC by adding the two nu,mars together?
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Yes you can do a calculation with an FORMULA field in Word see this example

something like

I will try to put that together in your sample
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The calculation needs an EXPRESSION field.  To get an empty expression field press Ctrl+F9 (you will get the { } type = and then insert the ABC merge field, type + and then insert the DEC merge field.

The Data has a value for the paragraph (if negative the paragraph is NOT displayed) and uses an IF field.

So what you need to do is have this paragraph as a NEW column in the data source document for the paragraph show value.

See attached Docuements
- sample DATA SOURCE document
- sample MAIN document (to be merged)

Let me know if this cover you.

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