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Change Window Border Colours via registry

On our Windows 2003 server we have the Advanced tab under Display properties graded out by group policy.

How can I change the border colour of  the Windows from the registry?

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why not via GPO directly??

are you saying you want to get rid of settings by hacking the registry directly??
Default grey for "Active Window Border":
[HKEY_USERS\<USER SID>\Control Panel\Colors]
"ActiveBorder"="212 208 200"

Red "Active Window" border (width unchanged):
[HKEY_USERS\<USER SID>\Control Panel\Colors]
"ActiveBorder"="255 0 0"

where <USER SID> is something like:
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Tried the above it didn't even change the colour.

I have been asked to change the colour via the registry. Open internet explore it still comes as an orange window but when you click on the bar goes back to default blue.
If you know how to change the color from within Control Panel, you could do this on a system while running Process Explorer (free MS download) which logs all changes to files and registry keys.

i.e. Launch PE, start capturing, make appearance change, stop capturing, examine log to find which key(s) changed.

Once you think you've found the right key, test it on one or two PC's before applying it to the main GPO.
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Thank you lhrslsshahi