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no valid cert for gatewaying issue

Strange issue here,

started getting this bounce back with one of our clients :

sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts; no valid cert for gatewaying (#5.7.1)

Here is our set up

Exchange 2010 -  Two Mail Domains ( we have correct PTR records for these domains)

however I believe our internal domain is  causing the error, Our internal domain is mapped as, this was done years ago, since then another company registered that domain, So our exchange server is called  So when a look up is done externally, there is no match, See the issue?

How can i fix this this without going thro the mess of changing the domain name our network.

I could ask them to add us to their white list but I'm looking for another way.
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Ok thanks, but  I know we have A records for both domains we use and after checking with the cert already installed issued by Godaddy I see they are already registered all except the SOA one since we don't own it.

Am i missing something here?
Is the name you're trying to access the Gateway server with listed on the cert?
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as in the actual server name? no its not since we dont own it, this is single server.
No. When you connect to the gateway server remotely, what host name do you use in that connection? That's what matters. The name that is assigned in the OS doesn't matter.
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Still getting this issue, I'm note sure what you mean by gateway server? Sorry I'm still a new exchange admin, came from a novell background.

This is not effecting everyone, just when sending emails to two clients