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SQL Select Where the variable contains a singular value in string

I need to create a simple sql select statement that will allow to select all of the records in a talbe that have the same ID tag that appear in a string value:

I have a variable value of 'ASD' the field in the table WIP_ID is a single character and I need to be able to return the results only if the single character is in the string variable.

This needs to be in one select as that number of ID's in the variable field will based on user input.

I am at a loss.

Any help would be great.
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Thanks so Much, it works perfectly.
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If your variable value is 'ASD', or you need to return records where in (A,S,D)...

FROM SomeTable
WHERE PATINDEX('[' + @YourVariable + ']', WIP_ID) > 0

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