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Dynamic Disk shows offline and won't reactivate

I'm running Server 2003 Enterprise and had a Mirrored volume in which one of the hd's went bad. I broke the mirror and went to install another hd. Problem is that the primary drive now shows offline and won't reactivate. It's working fine and the office is running off of it but i cannot reactivate it and build the raid again. Any help would be much appreciated.
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When you rightclick the primary disk do you see option to bring it online?

Try bringing it online using diskpart

from command prompt type diskpart
under disk part shell
list disk
select disk (your primary disk number)
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I've tried to bring it online from diskpart and from computer management and i get this error in eventvwr. LDM Unspecified error  (80004005).  i noticed in eventvwr i also get a dmboot error: dmboot: Failed to auto-import disk group Server1Dg0.  All volumes in the disk group are not available.
When you broke the mirror, was it properly removed?  Did you check for faulty cables or controllers?
Try running dmdiag from Windows support tools
The Cables and Controllers are fine. The Volume is actually active and i'm booting from it. i removed the raid as posted in the kb article. i'm going to attach the dmdiag info doesn't look like anything to me and a screen shot of my com management..thanks for the help this is driving me nuts! :)
Try this,

Remove the new disk from server, the disk manager should show now disk0 as missing, right click and remove the disk. Once you remove the dynamic disk0 from configuration insert the new disk and rescan disks.
I could do that, but Disk 0 has the OS and data on it so if i remove it there's no OS. The new disk you see is Disk 1. The Bios and in My Computer sees the C: drive it just doesn't see it in disk management.
Ah, so what happens if you remove new drive and reboot the server? Was your new drive installed on other server before as dynamic disk or you coverted it as dynamic disk on this server?

Make sure you have full backup of the system before rebooting the server.
If i remove the new drive and reboot it still says the same thing minus the new drive. the new drive was out of box and i converted it to a dynamic disk to add to the mirror but i couldn't because the Computer Management wasn't recognizing the old drive. The C: drive (disk 0) is the active partition with all of the data but Computer management isn't recognizing it. The new drive is useless and a non-issue as of right now. i thought about cloning the drive over to the new drive but i thought it might clone over the problem also. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
If the disk manager is not showing option to reactivate offline disk then i think the best option is to take full system backup, try to repair disk0 and/or rebuild the server and restore data.
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Can you take screen shot of Windows Disk Management and post it here?
Here's the Disk Management Screen Shot
Interesting, you even do not have C: drive there that Windows starts from.
Do you have a backup? If yes then right click on this HDD right at the place where it writes "dynamic" - delete.
After that restart the machine and it must be there.
There's no option to delete just to convert it to a basic disk, which will wipe all the data if i try it and it does work and since i'm in a production environment i can't do that at this time.
The problem is - you are in production environment but the important VSS service will not work as it does not see system drive (see you do not have C: there).
Did you restart this server since the problem started?
Yes i have restarted several times and it still doesn't see the C: drive. I'm afraid if i clone the HD the problem will clone over and the only other option i see is to install server 2003 enterprise on a clean hd and restore but that is pretty time comsuming.
Not necessarily. If you have at hand a copy of paragon drive backup 10 server then boot the machine from its recovery cd and take there backup of this machine. Then restore this backup to another hdd of the sane size. It will make it mbr automatically. After that you can remove this dynamic drive or convert it with the same boot cd of paragon to basic mbr without data erase.
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the broken raid volume was corrupted and comp management didn't recognize the standalone drive. Just kind of tricking the OS out.