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I am looking for a DNS solution that will automatically detect and switch the IP address of an entry if one of our ISP's fails. I have looked into DynDNS but that solution seems to be a bit expensive. Anyone have any ideas?
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Have you considered adding multiple DNS forwarders?
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Our backup ISP is only active if the primary ISP fails. That would cause someone to possibly hit the IP of the inactive ISP, correct?
Based on your Forwarders precedence, it will attempt to hit in order and forward to the next forwarder after a query timeout of 3 seconds.
You're looking to update your domain dynamically for your A records?

Best options: BGP between the two ISPs

OK solution: Put your own NS server on the internet, and change your domain NS to point to your server. Dyndns will work too.  You'll have to have a router that supports this feature or run the client on your PC to update the information to dyndns.
BGP is not an option for us. Does anyone have any recomendations for an internet DNS provider that would allow us to tweek query timeouts as well as add special records such as SRV?
Your domain registrar such as godaddy has SRV records.  You can always change the default value for the TTL records to like 30 minutes or something like that.
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I dont think there is a true solution to this question.