AceSEF, Joomla, ASPX issue with redirect. Error on ASPX redirection on PHP site

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Hey All,

I have an issue with a redirect on a Windows 2008 Web II7 site. Site has PHP support and URL rewriting etc...

Ran many of these before and have them running on this II7 box.

the AceSEF component is rewriting ok. Proven this with custom URLS.


The site is running Joomla 1.7 (latest build) PHP + AceSEF.
This is a new site to replace old.
URL reqriting works ok.
Previous links have .aspx within the URL's so


This is the link within Google etc...

The aspx keeps causing the redirect to be served by the server NOT joomla and then erroring with a Error 404 resource unavailable issue.

How I can either:

a) Sort AceSEF in some way (unsure as I think this is an issue outside of Joomal)
b) Stop the server kicking in.

I have tried changing the handling of aspx to the PHP handler.. but no joy.

Many thanks in advance.

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It may be easiest to handle redirects for .aspx files using URL Rewrite in IIS.  That would help you avoid having to do lots of things in IIS to reconfigure the handling of requests to allow PHP to do redirects.  It might be a bit more work at first, but if most of the requests are 301's you shouldn't have to modify it very often.  

If you need help on how to set things up with URL rewrite, give a few representative rewrites you need and I'll try to help with them.  If you already know how to write rewrites for Apache's mod_rewrite, you shoudn't need much help at all as URL Rewrite imports apache rules.
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That was the perfect solution. I have now implemented it and got it to trim the aspx so it works as expected.

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