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Having trouble with a Sony Vaio computer

Just a few questions since I haven't been able to really find any answers elsewhere.

A friend gave me a **Sony Vaio PCV-RZ24G** Desktop Computer that had a HDD failure, he lost the recovery disks that he made quite awhile ago.  I was hoping to install XP on it, and use it as a video and music server/workstation....sadly I am having quite a few issues.

First the USB ports only (from my testing so far) will only recognize USB mice and keyboards.  If I plug in a Wireless USB Network Adapter or USB jump drive...i get an unknown device in the Device Manager.  I have tried every way to install them (add new hardware, update driver, uninstall reinstall) to no avail.
Sony's info:

I know the MOBO is a **Asus p4s533vl rev 1.xx** which is a proprietary build for Sony, but has a (from what I understand) SiS chip set.  I've been to the SiS website...but there are no drivers that are what I am looking for (The USB drivers that they have will not install because it says that Windows SP1 already has them installed).  

Under Sony's driver downloads they have the AGP port driver, but nothing else relating to it.  Sony also doesnt sell disc's for this system any long either.  I have read that the **P4S333-VM**  drivers will work, but I didn't see anything that would have helped.

Asus comparible MOBO:

I know the ports are fine because the recognize that something is plugged in when it cant find a driver, and they recognize the Mice and Keyboards when I am pretty sure this is a driver issue and not a hardware problem.

So I guess my real question in a long winded sort of way...Where would I get the MOBO drivers when Sony is less than useless???
Ive seen this issue discussed elsewhere, but there are no answers that I have found..I hope I just missed something and someone can help.
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Install the chipset driver if it's SIS chipset, they should have one for that model for XP.  It will help you with a lot of your issues.  SIS is pretty much an all-in-one chipset (Graphics, Audio, MultiIO[USB, IDE, etc]).  You could try the previous expert's website.  I personally never use it, because I know where to go get the drivers directly.
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It maybe possible if you can connect to the internet to download all the updates for xp. I have seen many times this install otherwise hard to find drivers
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@JasonDuncanWorks - I'll give that a look thanks.

@LANm0nk3y - Tried that as I said...on the SiS download site there are no all-in-one drivers...everything is broken up in to individual downloads.  I grabbed the USB driver but windows will not let me install because it says I already have them because of Service Pack 1.  So now I am stuck....i usually have no issues finding drivers, but Sony seems to be no help at all...and Asus doesnt even list this paticular board since it was proprietary for the Sony Vaio.  Any other ideas?

@BillBondo - Already tried that.  :(
Hooked it up to the router and hoped for the best, didnt happen though.  Thanks for the help.  ^_^
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@JasonDuncanWorks - gave me drivers that had nothing to do with my machine let alone operating system.  I think that program is hit or miss.  Thanks though.
Sorry, normally works great for me. Did it install and scan your computer?
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if you have unknown devices in device manager, you can use this precedure to identify them :

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.
Now select  "Components" and highlight "Problem Devices".
All hardware devices with a driver problem will be listed here.
Make a note of the first line of the PNP Device ID line of the entry. It will show a Vendor number and a Device number (VENxxxxDEVxxxx) both four digits long.
Look up those numbers here:

This will tell you the manufacturer and the chip number.  
Check the manufacturer's website first or google them - or post them here

If your LAN is running, you can also use windows update, or drivereasy (free) :
let it scan, then hit Get Drivers, it will list the drivers - you can google them, or let drivereasy do it
You do not need USB drivers - they are part of Windows.  You can try deleting them in control panel, reboot, and let them reinstall automatically.  You can also try a powered USB hub, in case there's insufficient power going to the ports.
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@JasonDuncanWorks - not a problem.  When I scanned it gave me the downloads...but after opening most were for vista, and 3 of the drivers they wanted me to update were newer than the ones they suggested.  I did however try it on another machine and it worked fine...*shrugs*

@rojosho - yeah...i think the USB controller is the way I am going to go.  I've pulled everything out except the barebones, and even slapped at PCI video card so i could disable the VGA port...nada.
I've looked all over the net and this seems to be a big issue for the Vaio when you do a fresh install of XP without the recovery disks,  Sony seems to have done a few things on the board that will screw with quite a few other things.  I've already seen the issue with CD/DVD drives disappearing from My Computer...they have a hotfix in the Vaio download section, but it doesn't fix
Thanks for the advice.  ^_^

@nobus - I'll give that drivereasy a run... couldn't hurt.  Thanks for the suggestion.

@Callandor -  I thought that as well.... that's the reason I am so perplexed by this issue and am now here.  I have never run into a problem like this before.  They will recognize USB mice and keyboards but not card readers or anything else like jump drives.  I tried uninstalling them and letting windows reinstall, but windows wouldn't, I had to point it to the c:\windows\inf folder and then it found them no problem.
I might try the powered USB hub before I go and get a Controller....I think i have one lying around.  Using it never even crossed my mind.  Thanks.

If you use an external powered USB Hub, remember that it must be connected to one of the embedded USB Ports (Meaning that the comm signals are ampiflied from the external Hub forward, not backwards), so removing as many USB devices as possible to reduce the power load will give your test clearer result.

A comment to Mr. Nobus and his comment of ID: 37995822.... You STILL are my hero... that was a very nice catch and something worth noting.   :)

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ASKER win.  lol

It seems that older SiS USB chipset drivers have issues with XP service pack 1 on up.
Found the info I needed finally here:

Seems if none of those fixes work...a USB controller card is the only way to workaround it.  ^_^

Thanks to everyone that replied.

Thank you... Live long and prosper....

not necessarily - did you try a POWRED usb hub like this :      

and @rojosho : thanks, appreciated
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@nobus - Yeah...i got the same results.  Everything that wasn't a mouse or keyboard got hit with a "Unknown Device" tag, and it wouldn't let me install the drivers for them.