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identify duplicate order based on products ordered (e.g. John already orderd ProdA+B+C previously)

Hi, I require help in finding a duplicate order based on detail lines please.
e.g. John ordered ProductA + ProductB + ProductC + ProductD on one order.
I need to inform him if he attempts to order the combination of ProductA + ProductB + ProductC + ProductD again.

Attached is a horrible attempt. It is incorrect. I dont know of better.
I tried to summarize each order into one line
OrderID         Products
1                    ProductA,ProductB,ProductC,ProductD
2                    ProductB,ProductC,ProductE

but it is terrible - im using a cursor and in the real app there are thousands of records so i wont be able to use it. Please assist
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Rainer Jeschor
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this will return the list of products without cursor:
DECLARE @productlist varchar(1000)
SELECT @productlist = coalesce(@productlist + ',','') +CAST(ProductID AS varchar(10)) FROM dbo.[Order Details]
WHERE OrderID = 10248
SELECT @productlist

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Hi, thanks, I need to find a loop through all the orders, and find ones with the exact same products that the user has entered , e.g. Product A,B,C,D

I dont know what the OrderID is unfortunately, and cant use the above script even though I want to
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Anthony Perkins
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