DFS or FRS - Server 2003R2 and Server 2008R2

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I am on a two DC domain. DC1 is a 2003R2 and DC2 is a 2008R2. I've inherited most of this stuff so what would be the best way to setup an automatically synchronized copy of my USERs data and DEPARTMENT data? DFS FRS?? Not sure about either of these and what would be the best practice.

I've got a good backup system, I just want that extra measure of backup assurance.
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You can go the DFS route for data replication.

Another option is robocopy which works well too. Robocopy is a copy command on steroids. Lightning fast.

robocopy \\source\share \\destination\share /R:0 /MIR


Is the DFS compatible between the two server OS's? I'm mainly concernred about replicating files off the DC1 (2003 box) to the DC2 (2008 box).
A W2K3 DC will rely on the older replication technology.

What type of files are you wanting to replicate?


Backing up end user data files (docs, spreadsheets, PDF's, etc.).
I would consider leveraging robocopy. You can install the application on a W2K3 server.

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