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In an Access query, how can I round up a number, ie: to the next whole number?
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You can try the integer function ... INT and add one:

Expr1: Int([YourField])+1
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If [YourField] already is at the integer point, your expression will increment it :)

YIKES...good point:

Try ;   xpr2: -Int(-[Field1])
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- Int( - [yourField])
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SELECT [SomeColumn], Int([SomeColumn]) + IIf(SomeColumn <> Int([SomeColumn]), 1, 0) AS RoundedUp
FROM SomeTable

Expr1: int(nz([YourField], 0) + 0.5)

Should do the trick for rounding to the nearest integer.


Wow, you guys are fast!

DoveTails and peter57r - that did exactly what I need.

kmslogic: I tried that, but it rounded 1 up to 2.

Thanks to all of you for trying!

@etech it sure shouldn't have...

Here's what I get when I run this in the VBA editor:

    Debug.Print Int(1 + 0.5)
    Debug.Print Int(1.4 + 0.5)
    Debug.Print Int(1.6 + 0.5)



Now if you want to always round up no matter what the decimal is (like always round 1.01 to 2) then the - int(- Field)) solution is right.  If you want to round values less than X.5 (e.g. 2.4, 1.01, 27.315) DOWN and all greater than or equal to X.5 (e.g. 12.5, 13.9, 100.8) UP then you should use what I posted.


@kmslogic: I want it to always round UP.
Actually what I had tried is something similar to yours - Round([int]+.5), which also rounded 1 up to 2.
- int(- [Field]) did exactly what I need it to.

But thanks for your efforts.

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