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I have a project/sharepoint 2010 server and we are using 2007 project on our workstations.  What I would like to do is import some of our 2007 projects into the project server.

But, when I try to do the enterprise connection from project 2007 I get an error msg

see attachment
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you can only connect from Project Professional 2007 to Project Server 2010 if you have the BCM (backward compatibility mode) enabled. This only works for migrated databases. If you installed Project Server 2010 with a new and empty database you CAN'T enable BCM.

I guess your Project Server 2010 is running in native (2010) mode so you can ONLY connect with Project Professional 2010 and not with 2007 version. Of course you can import 2007 MPP files with Project Pro 2010 into the Projectserver!

Hope this helps

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Try getting all latest patches seems like there was a bug in the 2010 Project and server editions which was solved with SP1 for 2010 (Office)

We had similar problems and lots of others, but when SP1 was installed, all problems were solved.


Thank you...did all the patches and no we just used project pro 2010 and imported the 2007 MPP files through it.

Thanks for the help.

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