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Backup Exec System Recovery ver 10

I have used BESR on my Windows 2003 servers for years and it has been very reliable.  Lately on my domain controller, I started getting errors EC8F17B7, E7D1001F, EBAB03F1 and my backup fails.  Also squirms about Insufficient system resources, etc.  Symantec site suggests network issues but I can connect via net use to the NAS box with no problems.  My only fix so far has been to configure the job to save to a different NAS device and sometimes that doesn't work either.  Anyone else run into this???  Conflicting service????
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One of the suggestions says to use the IP address of the NAS location, not just the share name.
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I do map using the ip address    example   \\\sharename
Maybe bad disk sectors?  To prevent this problem, make sure that you check the option "Ignore bad sectors during copy" while the Backup Wizard is in progress.
it is checked
Actually, in this case, you may want to direct the backup locally.  This will help you determine whether it is a local issue or network issue.
tried that to a local drive hanging on a usb 2.o port, it failed.    I'm guessing that a chkdsk /f /r may be in order.   unit has two drives,   c drive finishes ok, d drive croaks
tried that one too...
You tried the VSS / com+ checks, or the reinstall?
seems like you've tried everything suggested in the help articles.  I'd check my event logs for event id's that might point in a helpful direction.  Otherwise, your disks appear to be bad.
i ran the vss admin and didn't find the Symantec listing
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worked after reinstall
The reinstall may be a temporary fix.   In the original post, you stated that moving the job to different NAS boxes also worked, temporarily.  To follow up, I'd check the integrity of the all the disks involved, with windows utilities and manufacturer utilities.
worked after reinstall and reboot