Sony Vaio Model VGN-AR870EA Battery Not Detected

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Hello I have a client with a Sony VAIO Model VGN-AR870EA

Windows 7 Ultimate

All of the suddent started showing "No battery is detected"
on the status bar.

Is is Hardware or it could be software related?

Any Ideas?
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It could be either one.

- Try taking out the battery and putting it back in.
- Update all the drivers
While the battery is out of the laptop press and hold the power button for 20 sec's.
Please see my article here on EE about laptop batterys.
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you can test what hâppens with a new - or identical battery; if you have one around
or test this battery on another similar laptop
Sony does have proprietary drivers for their batteries, and a specific driver that makes sure the battery is a sony battery, check the manufatcures website to obtain, as this propritary software is not the default driver loaded by the OS = Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. if you have performed a reload or deleted items from the run folders in the registry or used ccleaner to remove the startup items from the registry, good chances are you disabled or removed this proprietary service/driver.
     if you purchased a cheap chinese make battery replacement, you will run into this issue as well, since the bios rejects any non sony battery unless it is flashed with a chinese patch that makes it possible to use the cheap chinese batteries. SOME MODELS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THIS FLASH METHOD.
     The battery has a controllerboard inside its casing that tells the motherboard the status of the battery, this proprietary sony controllerboard has a specific id set - if the controllerboard is burned out, broken solder points or a failed cell swap, the motherboard will not recognize the battery and reject it.
    unfortunately for non techs, trying to resolve a sony vaio hardware issue WILL cost money if the necessary testing materials are not on hand.
    if you know of someone with that same battery model/laptop model, test their battery in your laptop and your battery in their laptop as suggested by nobus. if your battery is recognized and charges and discharges in their laptop, and their battery is not detected in your laptop, then your bios/motherboard is bad. if your battery is not detected in their laptop an their battery charges and discharges fine in your laptop, then your battery is defunct.
    if you dont know someone, then use ebay to aquire a used but working oem sony battery to perform the above testing. make sure your battery models match when making the purchase!
    when purchasing a new sony vaio OEM battery, it is wisest to go through sony, the battery will be expensive, i suggest this because ebay is littered with a million chinese make batteries for sony, and sony doesnt like selling their parts wholesale to third party providers. the sony battery issue is so common that even used batteries are rare to find(that work). if the motherboard is the issue, pay for sony to repair it or use your warranty. personally i would do neither and ditch sony altogether, head over to walmart and purchase one of their samsung laptops on display, as the others are of notable cheap quality/mainstream junk. This sony battery issue is not uncommon amongst their models(restated)

"If I turn it off and plug it in to the wall the light will come on to indicate that it is receiving power from the A/C adapter. The battery light will also show up as orange indicating that it is low on power but charging. After an hour or two the battery light will turn blue/green - indicating that it is charged." - if this is your case after testing it as is displayed, then you will need to try uninstalling Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery in device manager by performing the following:
1: goto your desktop and right click on "Computer" or goto the start menu and right click on "Computer" - select "Manage"
2: Computer Management will pop open, select "Device Manager"
3: expand "batteries" and right click on "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery", select uninstall.
4: when it's done uninstalling,  turn of the laptop and remove the battery.
5: Power on the laptop without the battery in, allow windows 7/vista to load to your desktop.
6: with the laptop still on, carefully re-insert the battery and allow the operating system to install the driver for the battery.
7: the battery "should" go back to charging normally.

"If I turn it off and plug it in to the wall the light will come on to indicate that it is receiving power from the A/C adapter. The battery light will stay unlit or blink orange/amber and/or stay a solid red" - indicates a battery/motherboard failure to recognize/charge the battery = battery/motherboard bad. when you goto buy your used sony oem battery to get your test results, you will need to contact the seller and ask them how long the battery being sold has sat without being charged - compare their answer to their seller rating and view the bad comments to be sure they arent a typical liar - you dont want to spend money on a DOA used battery.

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